product line

chest press - rowing

shoulder press - pull down

chest fly - fly reverse

leg abduction - leg adduction

leg extension - leg curl

abdominal press - back extension

leg press slide

rotation upper body

seated dip





When designing smartCircle we focused on both the end users and club or private practice operators: the hardware solutions for controlling the resistance (touch screen control, Wifi, Bluetooth) are all up to date and our easy management software can be accessed from any browser.  



You as an operator of a private practice or fitness club can manage the usage of your smartcircle equipment, group trainings, member management and all notifications via our dedicated software. You can count on a secure connection for data handling and a continuous support available in working hours. Should a problem occur our colleague can access your devices via the internet to help and remotely manage the control units. All electronic subunits are modularly engineered for easy replacement.



Your members are also in our focus: they can sign up for the group training sessions online via the member’s site, they can check their own usage statistics (frequency, length of trainings, calories burnt*) and can initiate or participate in challenges.



SmartCircle offers you a complete and well-designed solution in the world of circuit training helping you to run a profitable business and increase client satisfaction.



*need to use POLAR heart rate transmitter belt






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