When designing smartCircle we have relied on proven and reliable solutions that we have fine-tuned for you to make operation smooth for the owner and for the user an outstanding training experience. The hydraulics also has a reliable and proven background. We equipped each machine with quick mechanical adjustments and useful software capabilities. smartCircle is ALL IN ONE, without compromise.
We fell in love with the shapes by the time the first sketches were born. We felt that we have found the way, how we can build up smartCircle device family. Gentle crossing arches give the smartCircle’s definitive style. Beauty lies in the details and we took extra care to work only with well-selected materials. We used the latest technologies in production to support high aesthetics in appearance. Results speak for themselves.
Your guests also will be motivated by the user experience with the main intention to return to your site happily. During the development not only ergonomie but experience level was also our specific aspect which was served by an individually promoted software with the following capabilities: identifying the user and recalling setups, handling calendar, defining and carrying over targets and initiating or participating in challenges. Activities can automatically be synchronized with user’s google calendar and results can be shared on facebook.

why go smart?

When creating the concept of smartCircle we had one clear goal in mind to differentiate Your business. All functions support this, such as the unique design, custom looks, availability of detailed statistics, integrated club member management and tracking.

how we design

smartCircle is the result of persistent team effort. All members have brought their expertise adding up competencies and learnings from personal experiences as being both end users and operators. Team members support us by state of the art design and ergonomics, engineering and manufacturing technical experience. On the software side we are supported by developers with strong software architecture approach and knowledge of modern end user experience.


Selected combination
Frame color :  
Leather color :
The color pairings available in the configurator are the colors recommended by SmartCircle and harmonize with each other.
Custom assembly is available at an additional cost.

colorful selection

case studies

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39. Gárdi Jenő str.
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VAT Nr.: HU10269709

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